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While people still think that the most prevalent occupation as a video editor is video production in movies and television, this is not always the case! With increasing demand for videos for training purposes, marketing presentations, and in-house video editing roles in companies, employers tend to hire individual video editors for specific projects.

Not only this, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the need for a video editor will show an upward graph in the future. This is because videos are a more captivating way to convey a message compared to long paragraphs. As a result, brands tend to develop more and more videos that are both visually appealing and informative.

To continue with the discussion, the next question arises: what does it take to become a proficient video editor? Well, attention to minute details, flexibility to adapt, and knowledge of computer operating systems are a few of the key skills needed to edit a video like a pro. In addition to this, studying your competitors and knowledge of media production and editing programs are an added virtue.

Confused about where to start? Don’t be! By the end of this post, you will come to know how you can improve your video editing skills and make striking videos that grab attention.

Top 10 tips to improve your video editing skills

Whether you want to shoot a documentary, a personal video, or create engaging content for your social media handles, video editing is the most important segment of post-production. The below-mentioned tips will not only help you understand the process of video editing but also will let you know about the mistakes to avoid while editing.

1. Set a goal

The very first step towards improving your video editing skills is setting a goal. Have a clear idea about who your audience is. Before you start a project, determine the flow and direction of the video.

Whether you are editing a video out of passion or editing the same with a target audience in mind changes the entire game. Try to align your edits towards the end goal of the campaign. This will allow you to make a video that is more focused and targeted.

2. Be a storyteller

Audiences love a story because they can remember them easily. A dramatically compelling video has a longer-lasting effect on the mind of the audience than a narrative one. While you are editing, remember that you are not simply trimming the extra portions, you are putting together a series of footage that eventually turns into a gripping story. Indisputably, the mix of the right emotions with an intended message always leaves a deep imprint in the minds of the viewers. Additionally, you can add natural-sounding voiceovers using text to speech software to make your video more engaging.

3. Choose the right device

A fast computer helps you to focus more on your video editing work while allowing you to store large files. But that doesn’t mean you have to rob a bank to get one!

Any computer with a fast processor, SSD, higher RAM, and graphics card will do the job for you. Also, there are a variety of video editing tools in the market. Though they have their unique purpose and features, the basic toolset is always the same. Try mastering any of these tools and you are already halfway through creating a delightful experience for your audience.

4. Learn the keyboard shortcuts

If you are still using your mouse to edit videos, it’s time to switch over to your keyboard. Video editing is time-consuming. And to create an impactful video in less time than usual, it is always better to use keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts not only save your editing time but also allow you to try more points which eventually result in better footage. Most of the editing tools give options of keyboard shortcuts to perform your desired edits. We would suggest that initially, you start practicing with a few of the basic shortcuts. Once you are used to these, try out the other ones.

5. Practice editing

Practice makes perfect, and an editor! Enroll in video editing classes, learn from the online tutorials, and read editing guidebooks; all these will help you to practice video editing every day.

You don’t need to get and master the best video editing app and create advanced video content with multiple effects from the get-go. Start by editing small clips like a short film, an ad, or even a small video shot by you. Try out new techniques and tools while comparing your work with another. Practicing editing in this way will gradually improve and sharpen your editing skills.

6. Transcribe your video

You can now easily transcribe YouTube videos to text using automatic speech recognition technology or a human transcriptionist. In simple words, transcription converts the video dialogue into text. The process is really simple as well. Just import your YouTube video and select your transcript language. Next, choose between automatic transcription or a manual one. Usually, human-made transcripts will have better accuracy than automatic ones. Finally, export your transcript in the desired file format.

Video transcription helps in improving SEO, offers a better user experience, and enhances accessibility for users who are impaired of hearing. As a video editor, video transcription is one of the key skills you need to master.

7. Focus on color correction

Colors are a significant emotion in footage that brings forth a specific subject. Through color correction, each footage clip is transformed and balanced to interpret the underlying image, white appearing white and black appearing black.

The mood of a scene, its essence; all are beautifully expressed by color corrections. Along with color correction comes color grading which is another important edit to make a scene more realistic and appealing. While most of the video editing tools offer these functions, the expertise of color adjustment lies in the hands of the editor.

8. Stabilize the footage

After long hours of hard work, you don’t want the final product to be shaky and of poor quality. Right? Hence it is very important to stabilize your video footage. The availability of multiple plug-ins and tools as well as a few editing effects in your software will make it easy for you to align your video and alter the intensity of the effect.

Stabilizing your footage becomes more important when you are editing short films or video productions. You can check for a variety of powerful third-party plug-ins that not only give a professional after effect but also result in an exceptional video.

9. Choose the perfect music

No doubt an exceptional video will leave your audience spellbound. But at the same time, selecting good music is also important. The right music triggers the right emotion in the audience. Initially while practicing, you can choose any of the royalty-free music available on the internet. Later as you gain more expertise, you can always opt for paid music subscriptions.

While speaking of music, another term that you need to keep in mind here is the sound effect. Subtle crowd noises, background sound effects, and similar others let your audience feel they are experiencing the video. Proper mixing of music and sound effects will make your footage appear more natural and flowing. In short, choose the type of music that works well with your graphics, and it will enable your audience to have a magical experience.

10. Avoid overusing effects and music

We know that it’s really enticing to add various effects and music while editing a video. With so many options and tools in the market, playing with various effects and music is no doubt a self-improvement process. But too much of anything can make you sick.

Overuse of effects and music has been particularly observed in the case of newbies. They feel that more effects will make their videos eye-catching and compelling. But the case is not always so! Overusing them may tend to distract the viewers thus making them lose interest in the clip.

Overuse of transition effects is also not advisable as the video looks exaggerated and distorted.

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